Magnolia House Wedding

The young girl with sparkles in her hair gazes up at her mom with delight and excitement in her eyes. Her captivating eyes match her mother’s, but also coordinate well with her special blue dress which is trimmed with several fabric roses around her waist. She is taking an exceptional role today: to walk her sweet mother down the aisle and “give her away” in holy matrimony. Her mother returns her daughter’s glance with a smile; the same excitement sparkles in her emerald eyes as well. Her gown whispers sophisticated elegance–a beautiful champagne color with rhinestones accentuating the fitted bodice. Her shoes, although selected at an unrelated time and place to the dress, are a perfect match. Her husband-to-be is waiting with great anticipation to behold his bride. His warm, grey three-piece-suit compliments the striking palette of the wedding: a brilliant blue, coupled with soft pinks, yellows, and greens, and accented with gold.

The Ceremony

The setting is serene, an ideal outdoor wedding ceremony with lush, verdant grass and two gorgeous flower arrangements flanking the altar. The guests are here and ready–some traveled many miles to see Heather and Adam pledge their love for one another in holy wedlock. Adam beams with joy as he watches Savannah proudly guide her mother down the aisle. Mother and daughter engage each other once again in affectionate smiles, knowing the road laid before them is one where faith, love, and family are forever intertwined. A sweet ceremony enraptures all. Love is felt with laughter and tears of happiness.

The Reception

The Magnolia House at Cathedral Oaks is a welcome invitation to the celebration of the newly married. An impressively delectable three course meal, provided by The Range in Salado, entices taste buds–truly the best beef we have ever tasted! The evening winds down with the warm mingling of family and friends, delicious wedding cake, and Adam and Heather’s first dance.

Such love and joy is visibly felt today. The focus of Psalm 27: 1-6 is not only the center point of today, this ceremony, but of their many years to come as a new family.


Fashion Shoot

This has been a dream of mine for quite some time. While photographing a fair share of events for the past five years, my pipe dream of photographing fashion remained painfully quiet. I’m not going to lie… every bridal session, I imagined (and still do) myself not as a bridal portrait photographer, but as a fashion photographer on a fashion shoot. A few years ago, I shot a bridal session that got as close as I could to this “imaginary” profession. One of my favorite bridal sessions  took place in downtown Waco–not against the beautiful backdrop of the city, but the grungy nastiness in back allies (I am eternally grateful for her willingness to participate in my madness… in her bridal gown, nonetheless!). Sure, we photographed plenty of “beauty” shots (she is stunning), but my personal highlights were the shots that were photographed in those allies. There was just something about the juxtaposition of a beautiful bride in a gorgeous gown in a dirty ally that made my heart flutter. Even if no one liked these images, they satisfied that desire of photographing a “fashion shoot” to feed that pipe dream. Fast forward to today. We finally have our own studio, and the perfect opportunity to shoot whatever I want. This is how my dream begins.

This is my fashion shoot

fashion photography
fashion photographer
fashion shoot
fashion wardrobe
fashion make up

fashion model

Would you like to feed this dream? I’m always looking for willing participants–use the contact link at the top and drop us a note:-)

Stylized Portraiture in Serenity

Recently, we were in the northeast part of the country, enjoying a few days of family visiting. It was so nice to see different scenery–I wish we could have stayed longer! What a contrast of scenery. Up north, everything seems so green and lively (in the middle of summer, which is an extremely rare appearance to what I’ve grown accustomed to in Texas); the trees are tremendous–it’s almost shocking how tall those trees are! They make nature look so serene and fairy-tale like. Refreshing. To hold on to this feeling/memory, I headed back to the studio and translated it into photography. The idea is set, now to create beautiful stylized portraiture. Since the first post of our session, I am smitten with the look of these images. Lacking giant trees, and super lush green vegetation, we use what we can control. Before I have our model (and me) bake in the Texas heat, we have  a consensus to shoot indoors–Aahh! Studio to the rescue! Solange is a picture of serenity (and much more comfortable in air conditioning!) and  Megan, our stylist, does such lovely work with hair–it’s crazy how those flowers just stayed in her hair. Megan is convinced Solange’s hair has magical powers. Not quite the Rapunzel hair magic, but I’m sure there’s a useful purpose in holding flowers in hair:-)

 Stylized Portraiture in Serenity

serene stylized portraiture

We branched off from the fairy tale feel and ventured down a fashion route with tulle.

fashion photography studio
stylized model shoot

What do you think? Leave a comment below or share with your friends! Would you like to shoot a stylized portrait with us? Simply contact from the form above:-)

Stylized Portrait Photography by Hedderly Photography

Inspired by a recent workshop I attended on stylized portrait photography, I decide to try my hand at one of my own. And since I have this lovely studio space to play in, why not do it now? I love how weather and time of day is never a concern–nearly irrelevant; it’s almost difficult for me to choose a time for the stylist (Megan) and model (Solange) to come over. I finally land on a time when we would all be, at the least, awake;-)Before these creative shoots, I always have an idea of what I imagine for the results. However, as anybody living in the real world can testify: plans rarely go as planned…. especially when planned. But this shoot is different: it’s experimental, it’s highly spontaneous; it’s meant to go off the rails in a completely different direction than planned and it’s encouraged to do so! Here we are. My beautiful bouquet of flowers are ready for plucking, outfits we may or may not use, and my ever gorgeous model who exudes excitement for what we had in store for her. Oh, how I love my own space (and highly recommend it)! I can set up exactly how I please. I can move/change/add lights, backgrounds, and props. I can adjust the temperature. I can even go directly to my kitchen, make myself a sandwich and eat while I shoot. I’m FREE! I think I know how William Wallace felt. Only in my version, I’m not so much fighting against the tyranny of England, but more so the tyrannical rule of the weather… and locations! You’ll never take my freedom! (go ahead, watch the Braveheart clip, you know you want to). This is such a far cry from on-location shooting. I don’t know if I ever want to go back…

Stylized Portrait Photography: An Introduction, with a Side of Flowers 

I am quite pleased with the results–more pleased than the initial inception. Better. Beautifully Better.

stylized portraiture
stylized portrait photography
fashion photography
stylized fashion shoot
artistic photography

Levitation Photography

The Studio is coming along rather nicely. I’d say it’s about 98% complete. However, lack of full completion is more my fault than a construction time line fault. I’m not sure if I want to install more shelves, or cabinets, or –fill in the blank–. Here’s my conundrum: if I install more shelves, I’ll want to put things on the shelves, but the stuff on the shelves has to look nice, or at least have the appearance of looking organized. It might be worth mentioning that the stuff I put on shelves is not pretty, but rather…. um… messy. Messy stuff must be hidden, my hubby lectures. BUT, Why can’t messy papers and miscellaneous junk just be the motif of the room? I may never know the answer to this question. This morning, he played the game, “Guess where all those messy papers went!?” Thinking he got completely fed up with me bucking the “clean-look” system, I feared the worst and imagined myself digging through the trash can to find the important, yet rather random paper work. Turns out, he made a handy filing system for me–hidden away from plain view. Clever. I wonder how long I can not put stuff away only to find it neatly filed in an orderly fashion? hmm…. Ok, hubby is probably not going to be organizing my messiness everyday, but perhaps it might be worth testing….?

Alright, enough about my eccentric organizing. Let’s get back to the studio as a whole, and not critique its less than perfectness, which may or may not be the occupant’s onus. As you might have guessed from my rambling, studio is not quite ready for its photo op just yet, but it’s living up to its potential as a good thinking space. Lately, I’ve been playing with (what else?) photography! This is the first summer where I’ve made Time For Fun Projects, or what I have affectionately dubbed, “TFFP.” It’s a little hard to pronounce, but I think it will catch on–I have a significant circle of influence. Side note: As a Resident Assistant in college, I single-handedly revived “Booyah!” from the 80’s and planted it ever so soundly in my dorm. All the cool kids were using it… and probably still do to this day. Here’s some more (completely factual) information on Booyah.

Levitation Photography: Who knew I could float?

Just me, my camera, and a lovely studio space I can play in anytime I want.

lovely levitation
levitation photography
whimsical photography

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