Levitation Photography

The Studio is coming along rather nicely. I’d say it’s about 98% complete. However, lack of full completion is more my fault than a construction time line fault. I’m not sure if I want to install more shelves, or cabinets, or –fill in the blank–. Here’s my conundrum: if I install more shelves, I’ll want to put things on the shelves, but the stuff on the shelves has to look nice, or at least have the appearance of looking organized. It might be worth mentioning that the stuff I put on shelves is not pretty, but rather…. um… messy. Messy stuff must be hidden, my hubby lectures. BUT, Why can’t messy papers and miscellaneous junk just be the motif of the room? I may never know the answer to this question. This morning, he played the game, “Guess where all those messy papers went!?” Thinking he got completely fed up with me bucking the “clean-look” system, I feared the worst and imagined myself digging through the trash can to find the important, yet rather random paper work. Turns out, he made a handy filing system for me–hidden away from plain view. Clever. I wonder how long I can not put stuff away only to find it neatly filed in an orderly fashion? hmm…. Ok, hubby is probably not going to be organizing my messiness everyday, but perhaps it might be worth testing….?

Alright, enough about my eccentric organizing. Let’s get back to the studio as a whole, and not critique its less than perfectness, which may or may not be the occupant’s onus. As you might have guessed from my rambling, studio is not quite ready for its photo op just yet, but it’s living up to its potential as a good thinking space. Lately, I’ve been playing with (what else?) photography! This is the first summer where I’ve made Time For Fun Projects, or what I have affectionately dubbed, “TFFP.” It’s a little hard to pronounce, but I think it will catch on–I have a significant circle of influence. Side note: As a Resident Assistant in college, I single-handedly revived “Booyah!” from the 80’s and planted it ever so soundly in my dorm. All the cool kids were using it… and probably still do to this day. Here’s some more (completely factual) information on Booyah.

Levitation Photography: Who knew I could float?

Just me, my camera, and a lovely studio space I can play in anytime I want.

lovely levitation
levitation photography
whimsical photography

Mandy - July 8, 2014 - 7:07 am

Thanks, Pammy! :-)

Pam Weiler - July 7, 2014 - 10:38 pm

These pictures are amazing. So talented…good job and fun to boot!

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