Super Samii 1

Samii is such a great sport! A windy, chilly afternoon at the Temple Train Station (and Museum!) is not the most ideal condition to shoot in…well, let me clarify…the Train Station is fine, the weather and time of day–not so fine. However, we overcome our shortcomings and have a rather enjoyable time climbing on trains:-)By the end of the shoot Samii can barely keep her eyes open due to the great gusts of wind blasting their way straight into her contacts. She’s lead through the last few shots blind until I’m ready to shoot. “Open on three, ready? 1-2-3-Open! Good–you can close your eyes now.” Actually, I think these last few shots turned out the best… perhaps I should incorporate an eyeball fan in all my shoots;-)

So, since there are so many Super Samii Shots, I’m going to have to blog this in installments. Consider this Super Samii blog 1. To see the whole collection, go to Hedderly Photography and click on Seniors!

Kristin M. - January 10, 2011 - 10:55 pm

I adore these… such beautiful colors! Her expression in that first one is perfect. :)

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