Quick Bridal Technique

I had a little one-on-one shooting/teaching session with my dear friend, Reneé. Her sister, Melissa is gorgeous and we all hate her for that… I mean love… we love her for that;-)She offered her valuable time, uncanny ability of standing, and lovely wedding gown to let us play. (Speaking of wedding, see her wedding here and here). We didn’t have much time… well, I think we actually did, and spent most of it talking and laughing together… so when we did get down to business of actually posing, lighting, and photographing, there wasn’t much time left;-)Below are two great examples that show the difference in perspective of camera angle to subject. Check it out…SOOC (straight out of camera)

Reneé shot this first photo low to the ground and angling up at Melissa with a 18-135mm lens at f3.8, 1/320, ISO 200. The sun is behind us, giving Melissa nice “hair glow,” and we’ve got a 24×36 softbox off to Melissa’s left to light her and give just a bit of highlight/shadow on her dress. Her pose has gentle curves and bends, which allow movement, guiding the eye through the image. Very well done:-)

This next one I shot standing up (the same distance away from Melissa) with a 17-55mm lens f2.8, 1/320, ISO 200 with the same lighting (my f-stop is larger, so it brought in a tad more light). Her pose is about the same, but notice how everything in the photo looks a bit more narrow. By increasing your height from the subject, everything in the photo will appear to be drawn in toward the center–the stone path, the flowers, even the trees appear to be bundled more toward the middle. Fascinating, isn’t it? Just for the record, Melissa looks amazing in both photos:-)

The last two images are just fun with natural light….I had to get a close-up of this gorgeous girl! Beautiful!

The final photo is my absolute favorite lighting scenario. Window Light: always perfect.

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