Fashion Photography Studio

It is finally time to open the doors of our studio! We have a full team of stylists here for our inaugural run to unveil a new direction in our work: fashion photography. Our first shoot: Stylized fashion. We have a wonderful team here–hair, make-up, stylist, and beautiful model, Solange. We’re so excited grow more in this direction of photography and can’t wait for our upcoming shoots! This particular shoot is inspired by a workshop I recently attended by Amanda Diaz. She’s such an inspiration!

Without further ado, we welcome you to our Fashion Photography Studio

fashion photography

Central Texas Weddings

Central Texas weddings hold a special place in my heart.

It’s hard to deny the nostalgia of country living when photographing these true-to-Texas weddings.

I love how many central Texas weddings all have their own individualized element of Texas. Today, Kyle and the groomsmen sport the Texas look: jeans, boots, and the quintessential cowboy hat. The colors of this wedding definitely set a delightful mood. The deep blues and bright yellows create a happy summer feel–a great match for this particular bride and groom. Becky’s stunning lace wedding dress is a perfect fit. For her bouquet, Becky decides on something unique–an alternative to the flower bouquet: a collection of rhinestones, pearls, silver antiques pieces, lace, and accents of blue and yellow colored stones.

Everyone is doing just fine in the emotional department until it’s time for Becky’s daddy to see her in her wedding gown. She slowly approaches him and gently taps him on the shoulder. Knowing that this will be a defining moment in both of their lives, both Becky and her dear father start crying before they see each other. He finally turns to see his sweet little girl. She’s almost unrecognizable from the baby girl he held over twenty years ago. Through the ups and downs of Becky’s life, her daddy has always been there as a source of strength and comfort for her. She’s now grown into a beautiful woman, who stands before her daddy ready to fly on her own. With joyous tears and long embrace, they start a new chapter in their lives. However, one thing remains: he’s still her daddy and she’s still his little girl.

Kyle’s a quiet guy, but his love for Becky is louder than words can ever speak. They hold on to each other throughout the entire ceremony, with frequent smiling glances from one to the other. The celebration continues through the night with heartfelt speeches and well wishes from friends and family, concluding with a shower of glitter. Congratulations, Kyle and Becky!

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Beautiful Olde Dobbin Station Wedding Photography

Not the blind-dating type, Christine reluctantly acquiesces to meeting this guy.  The rendezvous is planned to meet at a cozy restaurant, but when Christine walks in, she immediately is attracted to a striking young man at the bar and strikes up a conversation. Christine and this strapping young military man, Leo, immediately hit it off and she forgets all about her blind-date meet up. He’s a West Point grad and just happens to be in town. His parents convince him to have a night out and meet some new people.  Uh oh! Christine suddenly remembers and confesses to Leo she’s supposed to be on a blind date. She prepares her goodbye just as Leo starts chuckling–as fate would have it, Leo is her blind-date. The evening proves to be the best date both Leo and Christine has ever had and it marks the first in a series of many that will take them from blind-date to Mr. and Mrs. in a few years.

This is a long time in waiting for these two. As a military couple they’ve had their fair share of “wait periods,” where neither Leo nor Christine were certain of how to plan their future together. Her career put her here and his career put him waaay over there. At last, the stars are finally aligned and today is the day that will mark the beginning of their forever together.

Beautiful Olde Dobbin Station Wedding Photography

The venue of Olde Dobbin Station is the perfect setting for Leo and Christine. Located in Montgomery, with easy access for their Aggie friends from College Station, Olde Dobbing Station is everything Christine envisioned for her wedding. Built in the early 1900s, Olde Dobbin Station started as a simple pumping station for a local oil company. With recent revitalization, restored to its original look, it’s now one of the most unique vintage venues in the area. Leo and Christine take advantage of the rustic “chapel” structure for their vows with the main facility to house their reception. The vintage motif is evident throughout the venue. Each table has old family photos from both Leo and Christine’s family with antique silver accent pieces as accents holding the gorgeous pastel floral arrangements.

 The love story is set. Let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy their ever-after.


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Photo Studio {in progress} Temple Texas

Hazah! We are in the very midst of constructing a photo studio! I am as giddy as a school girl, watching everything come together! The key pieces are in, but a few elements are still lacking. At the moment, there’s a gaping hole in the wall which is in desperate need of a door (coming on Friday!) and we are shamelessly using our household vacuum for a shop-vac… which we may have to clean with another vacuum, which will probably require yet another vacuum to clean the second one…. oh dear, I see this going on for a while.

Anyway, I’m beginning to enjoy tolerate my afternoon dates with the drone of the floor fan by my side, however, I am more than anxiously awaiting the ceiling fan installments when they arrive (no offense, floor fan). In the meantime, I have been resetting and re-ordering. I recommend everyone should move (offices, at the least) every two years to keep from accumulating so much junk. Wow. I thought I was a good “junk-purger” … until I had to move my office. The horror! I was embarrassed for this other person disguised as me who decided to hoard all this junk… ok, it might have been me. Good news though, I made it through the great purge and my desk (along with my photo studio space) thanks me.

Construction, afternoons with the ol’ “wind machine,” and embarrassing purging aside, I’m most excited about the creative potential of this space. I am changing directions a bit in my world of photography. I will be experimenting more with… ideas. Creation is what excites me about photography. Creation stems from an idea. And there lies my start.

Speaking of ideas… this photo studio is a great place to get me thinking.

Here I am thinking… about my ideas:

photo studio

Bluebonnets plus Bride plus Groom

The wedding day was a rainy day. It’s good luck for the married couple, but not so good luck with a camera. We managed to catch a few moments outside on Nathan and Jessica’s wedding day when the rain clouds passed, but we just needed more. Since their Schoedel Barn wedding was themed around the bluebonnet, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a little rendezvous in a field full of this beautiful state flower. We also couldn’t pass up another opportunity to hang out with this fun newly married couple. Nathan and Jessica are so laid back and easy to be with. We knew they have an affinity for country music, Texas (in general), and of course, each other, but we did not know they’d be so comfortable in a field full of flowers … in their wedding attire too! We start the shoot and have no idea what we stumble upon….

An equation perfected from the heavens: Bluebonnets plus Bride plus Groom equals amazing.

Sounds good enough to eat! Speaking of deliciousness, check out this sky! Saying this sky is “pretty” is an understatement. As the sun set, the perfectly blue sky with wispy white clouds transformed into a yummy vanilla sky with soft pink hues. So enchanting! Congratulations Nathan and Jessica! May your marriage be this enchanting forever.

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C o n n e c t   +   S u b s c r i b e