wedding rings {Waco Wedding Photographer}

Think lighting doesn’t matter? Lighting is everything… even with the tiniest of details. Let’s use a wedding ring for our example. I can shoot this ring well with natural light. Anyone can. The question that should haunt any photographer when shooting is, “how can I make an ordinary shot, extraordinary?” The question is the same for this ring shot. While simply composed, is does have special qualities (as a photographer, special quality becomes my specialization). Take a look at the depth of field, the clarity (clarity on diamonds is difficult to achieve without practice), and the right angle from the natural light. Anyone can’t do that, but can you? Geeky numbers: Micro Nikkor 105mm, f5.6, shutter speed: 1/125, ISO 800.

This is what I would call a “pretty” shot. Neutral tones. Bright. Very likable. Looks great, but what if you’re shooting at a dim reception with absolutely no lighting? Not to worry; you can still get a great ring shot. First, find a reflective surface (in this case, a granite counter). Settings are the same, but now the light source is the one created by flash. Using a camera top-mounted speed flash, aim it slightly behind the camera and it will bring an even sparkle to the diamond facets and to the top of the band. Same subject, but it has a dramatically different feel. Lighting. Is. Key. Now you try:-)

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