Hedderly Photography – old school

(Sense of humor required beyond this point) I found this article on the interweb … well, technically, I found this particular article in my email inbox from my ever-so-wonderful father-in-law … and then, I clicked on the link and found this article on the interweb. Apparently, long ago in a strange land called London, England, there was another Hedderly Photography! Well, again, just to be all “technical,” there was a man, who was a photographer, named Hedderly. (Technical … schmechnical. I see no difference). Anyhoo, Mr. James Hedderly was quite an active photog back in the day (making his debut around the 1860s) photographing the streets of London. Get this: Mr. Hedderly lived right down the road from a certain James Whistler (artist… ever heard of him? Or maybe his mother?). As fate would have it, these two old chaps became jolly good mates. So, obviously (in a jump-to-conclusion type of thinking) I am related … make that closely related to a rather famous photographer (that you may or may not have known existed); AND, by relational proxy, I know Whistler. So, that makes me famous right? My logic is flawless! Just to prove the uncanny similarities in our photographing techniques, here are a couple of snapshots I took in London about 5 years ago. (A bit smaller Nikon than the one I carry today… OK. It was a CoolPix. Don’t judge me… it was for travel purposes only!) Just as the streets of Chelsea inspired Jolly James Hedderly (Jolly part added for British emphasis), so too did the almost comical traffic signs inspire me. (In case it’s not so obvious, the old-timey looking photos are from James Hedderly, 150 years ago). Take a look … stunningly similar!

Now take a look at the “other” Hedderly… we must be related.

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