Fashion Shoot

This has been a dream of mine for quite some time. While photographing a fair share of events for the past five years, my pipe dream of photographing fashion remained painfully quiet. I’m not going to lie… every bridal session, I imagined (and still do) myself not as a bridal portrait photographer, but as a fashion photographer on a fashion shoot. A few years ago, I shot a bridal session that got as close as I could to this “imaginary” profession. One of my favorite bridal sessions  took place in downtown Waco–not against the beautiful backdrop of the city, but the grungy nastiness in back allies (I am eternally grateful for her willingness to participate in my madness… in her bridal gown, nonetheless!). Sure, we photographed plenty of “beauty” shots (she is stunning), but my personal highlights were the shots that were photographed in those allies. There was just something about the juxtaposition of a beautiful bride in a gorgeous gown in a dirty ally that made my heart flutter. Even if no one liked these images, they satisfied that desire of photographing a “fashion shoot” to feed that pipe dream. Fast forward to today. We finally have our own studio, and the perfect opportunity to shoot whatever I want. This is how my dream begins.

This is my fashion shoot

fashion photography
fashion photographer
fashion shoot
fashion wardrobe
fashion make up

fashion model

Would you like to feed this dream? I’m always looking for willing participants–use the contact link at the top and drop us a note:-)

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