Erika {Senior Photography}

The day after the big prom extravaganza, we met up with Erika for her big photo shoot in downtown Lampasas. If you’ve never been there, Lampasas is a cute little community where it’s as if you’ve stepped back in time. The downtown is much the same as it was back in the turn of the twentieth century. Some structures from the 1880s are still being used today (now that’s solid construction!). We picked the old train depot to start our session. Side note: When I first met Erika, I almost couldn’t stop staring at her (sorry, I know, that sounds really creepy) because she’s SO pretty. She’s got that flawless skin and beautiful hair that I would have died to have when I was her age. Here I am, more than a decade older and still am a little jealous;-)Erika’s outfits were wonderfully trendy and her smile was so effortless– I even had to tell her to not smile few times, just to see if she could;-)Here’s a sneak from the fabulous session with an outstanding senior.

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