Daisy – Waco Photography

Five-inch heels, three dresses, a guitar, unbelievable winds and nearly freezing temperature sum up this photo shoot. Luckily, I am with Daisy–a beautiful girl with a bubbly personality and a penchant for shopping. She recounted her 5am Black Friday shopping spree as we attempted to warm ourselves in between location shoots. “It wasn’t that bad,” Daisy laughed, “it was actually kind of peaceful.” Definitely not the descriptive word I think of when I hear “Black Friday door-buster deals,” but apparently in Waco, it really isn’t that bad. I also learned a rule of thumb from the young fashionista: buy the shoes first, and you’ll eventually find something to wear with them. Words to live by. During the shoot, we roamed around with Daisy’s guitar and a blanket (which Daisy used to warm herself between shooting and I used as a giant scarf while shooting–cozy!) in search of the perfect backdrop, periodically dodging cars and avoiding the awkward glances from strangers. Despite freezing temperatures (or, at least that’s what it felt like to us) and super high winds, I had a blast with Daisy and love the results of our afternoon together! Hope you have a fabulous birthday:-)

C o n n e c t   +   S u b s c r i b e