Bluebonnet Wedding in Hamilton by Hedderly Photography


She’s just visiting friends in Austin and is curious to see how Texans have a good time. The Broken Spoke provides the perfect setting to do just that. The evening passes quickly with great music and lots of dancing–such a world of difference from what she’s used to in Ohio. He notices her and strikes up a conversation with this intriguing stranger–maybe it’s obvious she’s from out of state, or maybe he sees something more in those brown eyes. The night winds down, and, just out of courtesy, she takes the charming Texan home.

The drive home is a stream of constant questions, and subsequent disbelief after her answers: Have you heard of this band? No?! What about this band? No?! How could she not know of these musicians? He’s now on a mission to educate her in the ways of country music. They arrive at his apartment and he immediately breaks out his guitar and proceeds to serenade her. When it’s finally time for them to part, he sends her home with a handful of music she must familiarize herself with. That night starts it all–despite her having to go back to Ohio, they continue this budding relationship with frequent calls and visits. Jessica finally breaks the distance hurdle and decides to make the move to Texas… the verdict is still out whether her love for Texas or her love for Nathan brought her here.


Nathan and Jessica’s wedding day. With too many months of a long distance relationship, these two are finally ready to tie the knot in Texas. Planned as a Bluebonnet Wedding in Hamilton, Nathan and Jessica find a rustic barn to say their vows. As a true  Texan musician, Nathan strikes a deal with his buddy, Dale Watson, and has this world famous country star not only perform at the reception, but officiate the wedding as well! Jessica is beautiful in her specially made hi-low lace gown to show off her personalized boots–complete with her initials, wedding date, and intricately embroidered bluebonnets. Nathan has matching (in a manly way) custom-made boots with his initials, date, and blue accents. The flower arrangements are stunning with a multitude of colorful roses. Nathan and Jessica recite their hand-written vows, which bring tears and laughter. The joyful spirit of these two are infectious as they join with their family and friends to dance the night away.

The day of the wedding, Jessica’s grandmother is miles away in Ohio, trying to keep her mind off missing her sweet granddaughter’s wedding. There’s a knock at the door–strangers to grandma, but Jessica’s friends, saying, “You’re going to the wedding!” Shocked, grandma doesn’t know how this is possible–she’s in Ohio and Jessica is in Texas and the ceremony is about to begin! With the help of FaceTime, grandma has a front row seat to her granddaughter’s wedding–and to see her own wedding ring, from decades ago, being placed on Jessica’s fingers as a symbol of the everlasting bond her granddaughter will have with Nathan, makes this a moment one both she and Jessica will never forget.

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