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Sasha-Fashion Show for Charity!

Last but not least, our final runway model for the Fashion Show for Charity, Sasha! Modeling is second nature to Sasha–completely at ease and so photogenic! Watch her walk the runway with ease Friday, June 3, at the Cultural Activities Center @ 7pm FacebookTwitter

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Brittany-Fashion show for charity!

She’s wonderfully tall…and we’ll make her even taller on the runway! Come see Brittany’s lovely smile at the Fashion Show for Charity. Click here for more details. FacebookTwitter

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Daisy & Damaris

If you’ve been keeping up, Daisy and Damaris will be walking the runway in our Fashion Show for Charity event (click here for more info), but did you also know these two are BFFs? That’s right. And to think, you would have never known… Take a look at the last two photos–they crack me up […]

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Daisy-Fashion Show for Charity!

Almost a week before the Fashion Show for Charity and, according to this next photo, Daisy is super excited to walk the runway! Come out and show your support for Humble House Ministries and watch Daisy walk the runway! FacebookTwitter

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Damaris-Fashion Show for Charity!

Damaris is so fun! She’s acts like she’s not a model, but she is… I told her so Less than two weeks before the Fashion Show for Charity! See you there! Click here for more information. FacebookTwitter

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