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Just Will

Meet Will…or William….or Squilliam (as his girlfriend so affectionately calls him) I’m sure he’s flattered to have same moniker as the “fanciest” squid on SpongeBob SquarePants. Personally, if I were to be nicknamed after a squid, it should be the fanciest one! For the sake of consistency here, let’s call him Will. With a bit […]

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Super Samii 2

…and here we are for the second posting of Samii’s Sensational Session! (Scroll down for Super Samii 1). For the full gallery, head to Hedderly Photography and click on Seniors! A quick recap on Samii’s session: There’s a horrible wind blowing, and it’s the middle of the day–not good for photography. However, the Temple Train […]

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The Officer

I took this photo of an amazing WWII re-enactor. You can see this re-enactor and more in the Living History program at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas. FacebookTwitter

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Taylor + Will pt. 1

Taylor and Will are so kind to allow me to photograph them! Well, mostly Taylor…Will is just along for the rideThanks Taylor! …and thanks for joining us, Will FacebookTwitter

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Aiden’s Birthday!

Great weekend!–We take a little trip up north to see our dear friends for their little boy’s second birthday. It is so nice catching up and seeing our kiddos play together. Aiden receives a mound of new toys and a wardrobe that won’t end! The party is a hit with a dinosaur cake, fun games, […]

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